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We help you sail through / Ride the cloud with us

As IT industry’s long held dream finally comes true, all business critical applications get interconnected and talk to each other 24x7 on a virtual platform. It is now time for organizations worldwide to reflect upon their readiness to adapt to this change. Cloud offers companies enterprise wide visibility that decision makers have always sought. It allows businesses, big and small, to flourish by gaining seemingly infinite capacity, instantaneous scalability and cost effective operational efficiency. It has set the ball rolling and it is now up to organizations to let go of the conventional IT framework that creates boundaries and limits the agility needed in today’s dynamic environment.

Cloud based applications are technologically advanced tools, orchestrated seamlessly through a real-time communication network, to support a multi-tenant environment that works on a pay per use structure. Cloud computing requires significantly less initial investment, fewer skilled internal IT resources and lower operating costs allowing organizations to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly. Its far reaching benefits are the reason why it is fast replacing the legacy systems which are seldom utilized anywhere near their full capacity.

Salesforce’s platform built on a multi-tenant, real-time architecture has transformed the way organizations collaborate internally and externally to offer high value services to their customers. It connects key stakeholders in a way that helps build stronger connections and overcome unique business challenges in an innovative yet sustainable manner. With Salesforce your organization can engage with your customers like never before to create a pool of fiercely loyal customers.

Kloudrac provides a secure and highly scalable cloud based infrastructure through a suite of enterprise level applications and services. Our deep expertise, high quality standards and proven infrastructure enable you to achieve new levels of innovation and efficiency.

We have extensive experience in developing customized Salesforce based apps which can be easily deployed and accessed through powerful APIs. Our large resource pool of domain experts carry out an in depth analysis of your business needs and use the Salesforce platform to build unique solutions for your organization. We not only provide high quality services but also the vision to implement Salesforce platform that can empower your organization to increase productivity and customer experience.